Danielle and Ben’s Favourite image

In Danielle‘s words …

When we first read your email, the task seemed pretty simple, until we started looking through the pictures. How could we ever pick just one image? After a lot of thought we were able to narrow it down to our 2 favourite images.

My grandfather (the one on the right) was not able to join us the day of our wedding. This image makes it feel like he was still involved in our special day. Although he was not there in person, I know he was thinking of us that day. Such a great way to have Grandpa captured in our wedding album.

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(Side note- I remember siting on your couch and viewing our images for the first time just after the wedding and this image brought me to tears.  I had no idea you had even captured the picture of my grandfather on my mom and dad fridge while we were getting ready. Seeing my Grandpa in our wedding photos was a wonderful surprise- Thank You!)

We love this picture because it shows our family and friends in the truest light.  Candid moments often make the best pictures, and this picture shows just that. This was a completely spontaneous photo and you captured the moment perfectly. This day was one of the most fun days we’ve ever had, and we were able to spend it with the people that mean the most to us. Amazing family, wonderful friends and perfect weather!

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Thank you for capturing our special day in a way that we will never forget. Whenever we look back at our images it reminds us of what a wonderful day it was right down to the small details. Your work is truly amazing!