What would you call your style?
I honestly feel that my work is honest, genuine and, to simplify it even further – real. I am capturing real moments in time for my clients. I strive to take photographs that are unexpected, candid yet planned and natural and not forced. I also strive to take photographs of the things that you have spent months to plan to make perfect – things like centrepieces, tables, wedding favors – all the things that would be forgotten if they weren’t documented. I am honestly passionate about capturing moments that you may have missed, or simply forgotten about.

I have a very privileged position as a photographer, and one that I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude towards. I feel I have an incredibly important job to do and that is build memories for my clients, and for generations that may follow. (How cool is that?)

Are you going to be the one shooting our wedding or someone else?
I will be the photographer that you hire, and that will photograph your wedding. Be assured of that.

What do you use for Equipment?
I use all Nikon Professional Digital SLR’s with professional lenses and flash units. As a wedding photographer you have to be prepared for anything so I have back up equipment and basically 2 of everything so that all the bases are covered.

How many photos do you take?
As a rule of thumb, I take between 200-300 images per hour. From these I take the best of the best and show you the ones that I feel captured the day in the best way possible.

Can we give you a shot list of photos we would like?
I handle group shots a little differently than most professional wedding photographers. With my couples I like to go over the group shots that they would like and are necessary and create a mental list. To me the purpose of this list is to keep things efficient on the wedding day. My experience is that lists can be very limiting and I prefer to work in a more fluid manner. Although these formal family type photographs are important to have I would rather spend this precious time taking photographs of you the couple, given that we have limited time.  I do my best to make the ‘photoshoot’ session of your day as efficient and as painless as I can, so that you can have more time with your guests.

How discrete are you in the ceremony?
I have often had couples say when I present their photographs to them that they don’t remember me being there, with statements like “How did you get that shot, I didn’t even see you there?”. My responsibility is to get great photographs, without standing in front of the mother of the bride or over the officiants shoulder to get them. I will be as discrete as humanly possible. This is your wedding day, and you need to be the centre of attention not me.

What happens if you get sick?
This is quite likely the most asked question of them all. I have never missed a wedding that I have been commissioned for, and would have to be hospitalized to not be there. (I even shot a wedding the day after my daughter was born, don’t worry, I had my wife’s blessing) But if something were to come up, I belong to an extensive network of qualified photographers that could take care of your day for you.

During the reception do you eat with the guests?
In order for me to capture all the events for you, I like to be where all the action is, and prefer to be seated amongst the guests during the meal.

What will you need from us on the wedding day?
Honestly, the best thing you can do is just forget that I am there, enjoy yourself and have fun. This is a big day, one that you need to cherish, the last thing I want for you is to have to worry about your photographer. It is good to have a go-to person such as the best man, who knows all the details so that I don’t have to come to you for any questions.

OK now that we have booked you what now?
I will keep in touch with you over the coming months to coordinate your engagement shoot, and just to keep in touch to see how things are going. Also, 2-3 weeks before the wedding day I will set up a conference call to go over any details that may have changed.